20 October, 2013

Moving to Zibbet

Greetings all!

I wanted you to know that I have moved shop from Etsy to Zibbet. I had meant to write a lengthy post, but I suppose I'm not the ranty type. And writing a ranty blog post won't lower my frustrations or change the situation. In short, it's due to:

1. their redefinition of 'handmade'
2. curated browse sections
3. selective silencing of sellers who have spoken out against their new policies.
4. high seller fees
5. new (and worse) feedback system
6. random website 'experiments' with no warning.

I had hoped that these changes would not affect my shop, but due to low sales and views these past several weeks at Etsy, it's become clear that I need another platform to survive. I have chosen Zibbet.com. My shop can be found here: www.zibbet.com/Sarawen

And of course, you can always shop directly from my website: www.sarawen.bigcartel.com (prices are listed in Canadian dollars).

For now, my Etsy shop will stay open and I will retain a small presence there, but with limited stock. Starting now, any reserved or custom listings requested through Etsy will need to be purchased through either my webstore or zibbet shop.

I sincerely apologise if any of this information causes inconvenience or disappointment with my long-time Etsy shoppers. I know many of you discovered my shop through Etsy and for that I'm truly thankful! But I cannot continue to do regular business with a venue that cares so little for the one-person shop and artisans.

I hope you continue to join me on further scent adventures at Zibbet!

Thank you!

Sara xoxo