11 February, 2013

Clearout Sale - 15% off

Greetings ladies and gents,

If you haven't seen my announcement on Facebook, the packaging for all 5ml and 10ml perfumes will soon be changing ...

Unfortunately, the silver-capped 5ml rollers bottles did not work out, so they will be discontinued. In the near future, 5ml sizes will now be in glass screw-cap bottles. They look different from the old dram bottles and will have a classier shape with re-worked label designs.

Also to be discontinued are the 10ml size bottles because I don't sell many of them. I may replace with a 15ml size, but I haven't made a firm decision yet (any thoughts on this issue, please comment below!)

Since I need to clear out my old stock and pay for the new bottles coming in, there's a sale!

15% off with code FEBSPECIAL. The offer is good until I run out of bottles can be used at both the webstore and Etsy

Recommended: newest scents SARAH'S DREAM and GOBLIN KING! Two of my Labyrinth - inspired perfumes.

Sarah's Dream contains main notes of lily, rosewood, geranium rose, amber, delicate peach.

Goblin King contains main notes of rosewood, oud, cedar, lily, musk, benzoin.

Apologies if these discontinued bottles caused any inconvenience to you! I make these changes because I want you to always be happy and delighted when you receive an order. As well, I need to run a healthy business so that I can continue in creating wonderful scents for you!

Your understanding is much appreciated! And as always, I'm thankful for your support of my little Canadian perfumery!

♥ Sara