20 October, 2013

Moving to Zibbet

Greetings all!

I wanted you to know that I have moved shop from Etsy to Zibbet. I had meant to write a lengthy post, but I suppose I'm not the ranty type. And writing a ranty blog post won't lower my frustrations or change the situation. In short, it's due to:

1. their redefinition of 'handmade'
2. curated browse sections
3. selective silencing of sellers who have spoken out against their new policies.
4. high seller fees
5. new (and worse) feedback system
6. random website 'experiments' with no warning.

I had hoped that these changes would not affect my shop, but due to low sales and views these past several weeks at Etsy, it's become clear that I need another platform to survive. I have chosen Zibbet.com. My shop can be found here: www.zibbet.com/Sarawen

And of course, you can always shop directly from my website: www.sarawen.bigcartel.com (prices are listed in Canadian dollars).

For now, my Etsy shop will stay open and I will retain a small presence there, but with limited stock. Starting now, any reserved or custom listings requested through Etsy will need to be purchased through either my webstore or zibbet shop.

I sincerely apologise if any of this information causes inconvenience or disappointment with my long-time Etsy shoppers. I know many of you discovered my shop through Etsy and for that I'm truly thankful! But I cannot continue to do regular business with a venue that cares so little for the one-person shop and artisans.

I hope you continue to join me on further scent adventures at Zibbet!

Thank you!

Sara xoxo

10 March, 2013

Man in a Blue Box Giveaway


Dear Ladies and Gents,

It's time for a giveaway to celebrate the launch of my new Doctor Who - inspired perfumes! The prizes are:

March 17, 2013 Update: Winners are: 2nd Prize - Michelle H. and 1st Prize - Pamela A. T.
Please message me on Facebook or send me an email with your shipping address. Thanks for playing!

March 13, 2013 UPDATE: I'm moving up the closing date to March 16th, at midnight EST. At 12:30pm I will announce the winners! :)

1st prize - Set of all THREE of the new fragrances, 9, 10, and 11. Each bottle holds 5 ml of perfume.

2nd prize - The Blue Box Sampler Set. Each bottle holds 1.5 ml. 

Giveaway starts now and closes on Saturday, March 16th at midnight North American EST. The rules are simple and I will be using Rafflecopter again.

1) In the comments below, briefly tell me which Doctor is your favourite and why. This gives you +2 entries and is mandatory for entering the giveaway!

2) LIKE my Facebook Page for +1 entry.

3) Follow me on Twitter for +1 entry.

That's it!

And now for the small print:

1. Follow the rules. I will be closely following all the entries through Rafflecopter, so please, for my sanity do not email and tell me that you did something, when it shows on my Rafflecopter admin page that you did not.

2. Please allow me 5-10 business days to mail your prize.

3. The giveaway is international! I will ship to almost anywhere in the world that can receive small packages. Depending where you live, your goodies can arrive anytime between 4-14 business days, and sometimes a little longer for countries in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America, and Mexico. I am not responsible for any delays due to Customs.

4. If you have a blog/Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/Tumblr and you win a prize, any kind of review or quick promotion linking to my shop is always much appreciated!

5. If you've already purchased these scents, an alternate prize will be optional.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

11 February, 2013

Clearout Sale - 15% off

Greetings ladies and gents,

If you haven't seen my announcement on Facebook, the packaging for all 5ml and 10ml perfumes will soon be changing ...

Unfortunately, the silver-capped 5ml rollers bottles did not work out, so they will be discontinued. In the near future, 5ml sizes will now be in glass screw-cap bottles. They look different from the old dram bottles and will have a classier shape with re-worked label designs.

Also to be discontinued are the 10ml size bottles because I don't sell many of them. I may replace with a 15ml size, but I haven't made a firm decision yet (any thoughts on this issue, please comment below!)

Since I need to clear out my old stock and pay for the new bottles coming in, there's a sale!

15% off with code FEBSPECIAL. The offer is good until I run out of bottles can be used at both the webstore and Etsy

Recommended: newest scents SARAH'S DREAM and GOBLIN KING! Two of my Labyrinth - inspired perfumes.

Sarah's Dream contains main notes of lily, rosewood, geranium rose, amber, delicate peach.

Goblin King contains main notes of rosewood, oud, cedar, lily, musk, benzoin.

Apologies if these discontinued bottles caused any inconvenience to you! I make these changes because I want you to always be happy and delighted when you receive an order. As well, I need to run a healthy business so that I can continue in creating wonderful scents for you!

Your understanding is much appreciated! And as always, I'm thankful for your support of my little Canadian perfumery!

♥ Sara

06 January, 2013

Happy New Year

Dear Ladies and Gents,

This post is a little late, but I want to wish you all a very Happy New Year, and hope that 2013 brings you much happiness! Thank you for all the support, encouragement, and love that you've given me in 2012. It means so much that you've chosen to patronize a small indie perfumery in Canada!

Also a thank you to customers who've offered up perfume themes that you would like to see this year. Your comments and ideas are always appreciated, and although I can't create everyone's suggestions, I do consider them!

Late in 2012, I switched my supplier for the 5ml roller bottles, and now placing all the older roller bottles on clearance. There's also older stock from craft shows or reserved orders that were never picked up. So if you want to get your hands on some discounted perfume, please visit my webstore hosted by Big Cartel! Sarawen Clearance Sale.

I have some interesting themes in store for you in 2013 ... Labyrinth (yes the 1986 David Bowie film), Gatsby, expansion of the Ancient Worlds line, and a special man in a Blue Box. So excited!

Much Love,

- Sara

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