24 September, 2012

Supernatural Love

Dear Vamps,

All of the scents for Halloween are now available at the webstore and Etsy! Fans of the show 'Supernatural' will be especially interested. All three are unisex fragrances.

DEMON'S BANE - an exciting, almost gourmand-y fragrance inspired by the character of Dean Winchester. Main notes of leather, oud, apple pie, bezoin.

FALLEN ANGEL - a rich, heady, Gothic scent, inspired by Castiel. Main notes of spice, frankincense, honey, patchouli, sugar.

WAYWARD SON - sweet but not too heavy. This one is inspired by Sam Winchester! Sandalwood, honey, aged paper, coffee, leather.

If you'd like to try samples of all three before you decide on a full-size bottle, then check out the DEMON HUNTER Perfume Sampler! As always with all my perfumes, these new scents are vegan and cruelty-free.

Are you on Tumblr? Do visit me at : Perfumed Vamp. I will Follow back.

Later in October, be on the lookout for my Halloween Giveaway! Hint: get those costumes ready.

Au revoir,

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