09 June, 2012

May's Glossybox

Dear Vamps,

Yesterday, I was pleased to finally receive my Glossybox! If you don't know what Glossybox is, it's a subscription program where you are mailed a box of five surprise beauty goodies every month from various companies. Glossybox started business in Canada early this year, but their inception was in Europe several years ago, and I believe they are also available in the US.

I signed up because I was interested in discovering new luxury or niche beauty and cosmetic brands, and also to find out if the products and companies they are marketing are cruelty-free.

As many of you know, I am a vegetarian and advocate for animal welfare - I avoid animal-tested or animal-derived makeup and household products. To me, purchasing cruelty-free products is very important. My blog is not a soapbox, so I won't go down that road, but if you are curious about this subject, I recommend doing some research on the web. Look at both sides of the issue and decide for yourself. Regardless on how you stand, I just think it's very important in general to know where the stuff you put on your face and body comes from. Be an informed consumer! 

Anyway, Glossybox is well-known for being one of the top beauty boxes around, so I decided to give them a try. And at only $15 CDN a month, which includes shipping and all taxes (you can cancel at any time), it's certainly a deal.

The luxurious box arrives beautifully packaged with a lined top and sturdy base. Not a box you want to throw out! Use it to store stationary, letters, extra cosmetics, etc. Or at least recycle it.

Inside the box. It includes an informational card with a list of items, their retail value, and where you can purchase the full-size products.

Let's take a look at each of the products, the companies, see if they are cruelty-free ... and if it's a product I would buy.

CUREL Foot Cream
Not exactly a glamorous item I was hoping for! But useful for some people I suppose. I really didn't need or want a foot cream, but I may use it as a hand cream. Maybe.
Curel is owned by KAO Inc. I sent them an inquiry regarding their stance on animal testing, and received an automatic message saying they will get back to me. So I'm still waiting on an answer. UPDATE 6.11.2012 - they sent me a reply letter with good news! They do NOT animal test and have no plans to do so in the future. FYI, they also own Biore and Jergens.

PANDORA'S MAKEUP BOX Lip Gloss in colour: Luv Ya
My eyes lit up when I saw this one! Pandora's Makeup Box is a Canadian cosmetics company based in Toronto, Ontario. Their goal is to create cosmetics that are stylish, easy-to-wear, travel-friendly, and eco-friendly too.

They do NOT animal test! This makes me incredibly happy since this is a company I would definitely buy from again, and even better that they are local and indie. This product is my favourite item in the box ...

 The colour Luv Ya is a rich coppery, almost red gloss with a light spearmint-sweet flavour (yum!). It's perfect for my darker olive skin tone, and it would also look fabulous on lighter skin tones if you want a pop of more dramatic colour for your lips. And the best part, I'm not allergic to it! This past year I've had to throw out a zillion lip products from my makeup drawer because, for some reason, I had become allergic to something in them.

SIMPLE SKIN CARE Facial Wash and Eye Make-up Remover
I wasn't familiar with this company so I looked them up. The bottle labeling says they are manufactured by Alberto-Culver, who operate under the huge umbrella corporation of Unilever. They do animal test, so I will not be buying these products.

When you sign up for Glossybox, you fill out a beauty profile so that they know what type of products you'd like to receive. I'm pretty sure I didn't include haircare in my profile, so this was a disappointment. Apparently, it is 'volumizing' shampoo, something that my thick ethnic hair truly doesn't need!

Sebastian Professional is owned by Wella Inc., who is owned by (another) huge umbrella corporation Proctor and Gamble. They do animal test. I will not be buying from them.

Overall, I give May Glossybox five stars out of ten. I had hoped to receive items more along the indie or niche lines, and seeing products from Unilever and Proctor and Gamble was disappointing. I would have been happier to receive another makeup product, even if it was only a sample, instead of the foot cream and shampoo, since that's what I mainly indicated in my beauty profile.

The only item I'll likely be using is the lipgloss from Pandora's. However, the retail value of the lipgloss is $16 CDN, and I paid $15 for the box, so I still got my money's worth! And I'll be using the box to store some of the perfumes and makeup I've purchased from Etsy friends. :)

Visit Pandora's Makeup Box! 


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