20 December, 2011

SHOES from the 1920's

Greetings once again, my fair Ladies and Gents,

This weekend, I had the pleasure of attending the Bata Shoe Museum's exhibition on the Roaring 20's. If you love learning about the history of fashion, or have a great fondness for flapper era, then you will certainly love this exhibit! I hope you enjoy these pics from the museum.

It's a large mural of 17th century print of shoemakers on the third floor. Somehow, it's fascinating to me. lol

Ladies boots from 1910-1920. Note the practical yet stylish design. This was at a time when women start working in offices and hold jobs. They no longer had to marry to support themselves. I adore the black pair - the heel is not too high and could be worn every day. That style could definitely be worn even in modern times!

This pair is probably my favourite out of the whole exhibition. The gold detailing just makes it gorgeous! I could imagine a flapper wearing this for a night on the town, dancing and living it up!

Check out this wooden steamer trunk made by Louis Vuitton - this was used by ladies of leisure for travel. Could you imagine bringing all those shoes with you on holiday? It makes me wonder how  the clothing trunk would be set up ... oh my!

Lastly, a pic of a wonderful quote by Vogue magazine. How true! One day I'd love to cross the Atlantic on an ocean liner - not a cruise ship, mind you, an ocean liner. Yes, there is a difference. Until then, all I can do is dream.

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~Sara xoxo


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  2. Love the middle pair of boots in the third pic! Thank you for sharing.

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