24 September, 2011

400 Facebook Friends & Halloween Giveaway

Greetings Ladies and Gents,

If you're like me and ecstatic that fall is finally in the air (yay Halloween!), then you will enjoy this post! But first, my apologies for the delay in writing another blogpost. If you follow me on Facebook, you will know that I've had a busy time of it in the last three months. But as I promised in the last post, this will be something FUN.  

Since we now have 400+ friends on Facebook, it's time to host a giveaway! I know you want to see the goodies first, so here they are:

 1) 2oz size of new VAMPIRE PRINCESS Sugar Scrub.
 2) All THREE samples of the new Harry Potter-inspired perfumes.

3) Full size 4ml perfume of your choice.

 I hope that whetted your whistle!

Now for the important part ...

How to Enter

1. Please 'Like' the Sarawen Perfume Art FB page if you haven't done so yet. I will be checking!

2. Please click the button on the right-hand side of the blog that says "Follow" if you haven't done so yet.

3. If you are on Etsy, please "Favorite" my shop. www.sarawen.etsy.com

4. Tell you friends, tweet, facebook, email, *enter social network here ;)* about Sarawen Perfume and the giveaway.

5. In the comments below, tell me about one of your most memorable Halloween moment! It doesn't have to be long-winded. A few sentences or a small paragraph will do. If you don't have a memorable Halloween moment, then simply write about what you plan to do this year to celebrate, or what costume you plan to wear. Have fun with it!

6. On Wednesday, October 12th, there will be a random draw from the entries.


I'm really looking forward to reading everyone's entries. When the contest is over, I will post my memorable Halloween moment, too!

Good luck! You have two-and-a-half weeks to enter.

~Sara Xo


  1. Hi Sara! Great giveaway and congrats on your 400 fans! I think we are zombifying the house and ourselves this year. I'm a little nervous about because I've only done one zombie costume ever! Will definitely post pics on my page and sharing this contest link there too!

    Happy early Halloween!

  2. Congrats on reaching 400 fans! That's so awesome! This year, I am dressing as a victorian lady with a custom made dress. I've been working on the details since February so I have no reason to think it won't be completely awesome! haha!

  3. Congrats on 400! your scents are so amazing ... I'm so glad so many are lovin' your stuff! Empress is my fav...but I'm excited to try the new stuff too!

  4. Hey Sara! Congrats on getting 400 fans! I'm sure you're to get many many more!! I hadn't even known you hold giveaways too and so luckily, I had you in my list since such a long time!! your product seems to be just amazing ! Anyhow, I hadn't ever gotten a chance to celebrate Halloween, we do not have it Indian states, sadly. but from the movies and everything, I could just feel its so damn fun ! So I really got no special moments to share! All I hope this year, that maybe, sometime in my life, I would be getting a chance to do the trick o treating ! That'd be the amazing time of my life!
    Since I do not stand up to the conditions of the giveaway as required by point 4 , I would only like to wish good luck to the person who'd be winning this giveaway !
    ps - i do hope that someday I would be able to purchase your products out of my own pocket !
    May you reach great heights ! Keep spreading the amazing fragrances ! <3 :)

  5. So exciting and congrats! My favorite memory is the "liquor treating" we did at Yale (it's exactly what it sounds like) followed by the Inferno, which was the big campus Halloween party and one of the biggest events of the year. It was always unbelievably amazing. I have SUCH great memories from my Yale Halloweens!

  6. My most memorable Halloween moment was when I was about 12 years old and went to a staged haunted house for the first time with my best friend and brother. They did such a good job at scaring us that my brother kept pushing me from behind, as he was last in line. When we got out, we were so exhilarated and out of breath. It was better than any roller coaster ride!

    volta2173 at sbcglobal dot net

  7. Did all of the above and my most memorable Halloween moment was taking the kids trick or treating at a house in which a number of men played zombies. They did such a good job that I was actually spooked, much less the kids - yet they didn't want to leave.

  8. Congrats on 400 FB friends!! I have many memorable Halloween moments, but what really made them memorable was that my mom made our Halloween costumes almost every year. Because of her, we'd always have the most unique and fun costumes. I'd help her make them, too, and it is because of this that I'm so into sewing and crafts today. I remember helping her make yet another princess costume (for some reason, I dressed up as a princess several years in a row), and having a very glittery cone hat with a long tulle train trailing out of it. Haha!

  9. Congrats on 400! this year for Halloween I'm taking my son trick or treating, he is going to be a zombie and we are also having his birthday party, he isn't little Halloween baby

  10. Hey! This is a great giveaway. Vampire Princess is my favorite!

    I usually do haunted houses on Halloween...as in, I act in them. Last year I was a patient in a mental hospital whose doctor had gone over to The Dark Side and started performing medical experiments on people. I puked fake blood. It was amazing. The director finally had to tell me to stop aiming for people's shoes (white sneakers or sandals usually, and usually when the woman wearing them got really bitchy.) >:D

  11. Not sure if its still in time... But, the best Halloweens I've had, were the ones spent at my friends Comic Book shop... We'd dress up and just, hang out.

  12. Congratulation!!!

    My memorable Halloween story was in fact last year when my neighbor's 6 year-old daughter came Trick or Treating to my house and she had this tiny little outfit on. After giving her candy I went, "Aw sweetie, are you Barbie?" and she gave me this horrified look before answering,

    "NO! I'm Paris Hilton!!!"

    :O I suddenly felt ancient lol..

  13. Great give-away! I'm a fellow shop owner so I've been a follower of yours for awhile :P
    The halloween I remember most clearly isn't exactly happy but like I said, it's memorable - it is my earliest memory of celebrating halloween, I was 3, and I had some terrible stomach bug. My mom still took me trick-or-treating- I'm guessing in an attempt to cheer me up- pulling me in my little red wagon while I looked like the saddest little clown to ever exist.
    I can be reached at kcphelps@live.com :)

    1. Hi Simon! Thanks for your enthusiasm, unfortunately, this Giveaway was LAST year. Sorry! But please stay tuned because I'll be hosting another Halloween giveaway this year in October. :)