19 June, 2011

Canada Post Strike

Greetings friends,

As many of you know, the Canada Post strike is still in full swing. I want to thank everyone who has placed a order and are still waiting. All orders will be on hold for now until the strike is over, which I'm hoping will be sometime by the end of the week, June 24. 

I know I mentioned an alternate mailing service if it continues for over a week, but all the options I've found were very costly: $18 (that was the cheapest) - $28 to ship internationally for a padded envelope! It's not a cost I would want my customers to pay and, as a new small business, one that I cannot afford either.

Latest news is that the Union and Canada Post have been unable to negotiate and agreement, and if one is not struck by Monday, then the govt. will be intervening in the form of a back-to-work legislation bill. If it goes through (with no oppositions), then service could resume this week. I had hoped that they would find an agreement by now, but it's looking more like the govt. is going to step in.

Again, thanks so much for your patience! I'll blog about something more fun next time. :)


P.S. I almost forgot about Culture Picks!!

BOOK: Dust and Shadow by Lyndsay Faye - For fans of Sherlock Holmes and those fascinated by the Ripper case, a novel to entertain you on a late night! Faye does a superb job of portraying not only the character of Holmes, but the world of gaslight London as well. Pick it up, you won't regret. And if you do, you can taunt me on Twitter.

FILM: Sherlock - Ok, it's not a film, but a BBC television series. Seems to be all about Sherlock Holmes today! A modern-day version of Sherlock Holmes, which stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman (as Watson). At first thought you wouldn't think a Victorian character could surface as a modern mystery/thriller tale, but here it definitely works! I especially love the interplay and relationship between the two main characters. Watch it, you won't regret. And if you do, you can taunt me on Facebook.

MUSIC: Ack, I haven't much time today, so I'll just say anything by 30 Seconds to Mars (I'm sure all of my Facebook followers are sick of them by now).

Class dismissed!