27 May, 2011

Free Perfume SALE!

This long weekend from today, May 27 to Monday Midnight EST May 30, I have a huge sale only in the Etsy shop!!
- 5% off with coupon code: WICKEDSCENTS
- FREE gift with purchase of $10 before shipping.
- FREE 4ml perfume of your choice with purchase of $25 or more before shipping, + free gift.
The free perfume bottle stacks, so if you purchase $50 before shipping, you can choose TWO bottles of free perfume! Total win! Just add your perfume choice(s) in the Notes to Seller area when you at checkout.
I know I haven't been writing as much, but that's because I've been filling orders and creating the rest of the summer fragrances. Here's two of the latest: HUNTER and BLACK APPLE! Hunter is my personal favourite of the new scents. It's a Gothic (I was imagining werewolves in love when I created this one) unisex fragrance with an undertone of leather, myrrh, and rosewoods. It does smell differently on men and women due to body chemistry, that just makes it more awesome! Black Apple is a definite apple fragrance with a darker base - think of Snow White, fairytale forests, and poisoned apples.

Other than that, and completely non-business, non-perfume related, here are my picks for books, film, and television this week. If you're still reading this, you may as well finish the page. ;)
FILM: Donnie Darko - a dark, sci-fi and psychological film about a teenager (Jake Gyllenhaal) who believes a scary-looking rabbit is telling him about the end of the world. It's definitely dark and rather trippy. I saw it when it first came out about ten years ago and had the pleasure of seeing again thanks to Netflix (whoo!).
Books and television coming up soon! Unfortunately, I must dash. Late to tea and all! 
Until next time, sleep tight, and don't let the vampires bite (unless you want them too). ♥ Sara

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  1. I saw Donnie Darko when it came out too and remember being pretty freaked out! But I do kind of want to watch it again because I don't remember a lot from it.
    btw, I'm wearing "Thornfield" today and loving it!