19 February, 2011

Steampunk and Victorian - inspired perfume oils

I've always loved the Victorian Age, but heard the term "Steampunk" only about four years ago after watching an anime (Japanese animation) film called Steamboy. What a concept! Since then I suppose I've become a Steampunk-ee (yes I made up that term as I've no idea what the correct one is ;p). It was an easy transition to turn one of my many interests into a creative endeavor.

Hence, my line of Steampunk/Victorian perfumes!  

From my new line, I think my favourite would have be L'agent Femme! And not just because it is inspired by one of my favourite characters in television, Lady Rebecca Fogg, a plucky female British Secret Agent in the mid 1800's. I'm really pleased with its creation - the right mixture of floral notes mixed with grounding, incense-y dragon's blood and a touch of bay rum and orange. I wanted a scent that evoked strength AND beauty - not too floral or soft, but not too heavy or rich either!

Thanks for reading and see you again. Have a great weekend!


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