28 February, 2011

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday! Did anyone watch the Oscars? I was rooting for Colin Firth to win and he DID! I'm so pleased! It's fantastic that 'The King's Speech' won as well, although I did love 'Inception' (rotating room fight, wicked!).

Some great news - Tess from Victorian Living kindly interviewed me for her blog! 

... I know, like you need to waste more time on the inter-webs! But hey, take a break from that stack of paperwork on your desk and read it. Just remember to hide the tab when the boss comes 'round. :p

More fantastic news, I have several new scents on the way. One will be Sherlock Holmes-inspired, the next is 'Mina', (yes it is a vampire-inspired one), and a few more but those will be kept secret for now! It's good to be a little mysterious. *sly grin*

I'm still waiting on my suppliers to send me bottles and other necessary things, so it will be a few weeks before my new stuff is ready. Another tidbit ... solid perfume sticks! Stay tuned!

Wishing you a glorious, hopefully stress-free Monday, ~Sara

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