28 February, 2011

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday! Did anyone watch the Oscars? I was rooting for Colin Firth to win and he DID! I'm so pleased! It's fantastic that 'The King's Speech' won as well, although I did love 'Inception' (rotating room fight, wicked!).

Some great news - Tess from Victorian Living kindly interviewed me for her blog! 

... I know, like you need to waste more time on the inter-webs! But hey, take a break from that stack of paperwork on your desk and read it. Just remember to hide the tab when the boss comes 'round. :p

More fantastic news, I have several new scents on the way. One will be Sherlock Holmes-inspired, the next is 'Mina', (yes it is a vampire-inspired one), and a few more but those will be kept secret for now! It's good to be a little mysterious. *sly grin*

I'm still waiting on my suppliers to send me bottles and other necessary things, so it will be a few weeks before my new stuff is ready. Another tidbit ... solid perfume sticks! Stay tuned!

Wishing you a glorious, hopefully stress-free Monday, ~Sara

25 February, 2011

Cake... or DEATH!

I have a new perfume at Etsy. I present ... CAKE OR DEATH! Have your cake, go on. Don't say I didn't warn you though!
Cake or Death 4ml $9.00
 Cake or Death at Sarawen's Etsy shop.

And YES, the sale for all 1.5ml size perfumes is still on! Get'em while they're hot.

Have a smashing weekend! 


23 February, 2011

Perfume and Vampires

Vampires seem to be pretty hot lately. I suppose one could say it's due to the Twilight and Vampire Diaries craze (not into either but have friends who do), but the beginning of our fascination extends to the Victorian age, and according to legends from all over the world that have been passed down for generations, even further than that!

In the 1990's I first read Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice. Fascinating, not to mention well-written! The same fascination was true for the Mummy, Ramses the Damned (I don't think she has written the sequel yet, unless someone knows otherwise).

Perhaps its the concept of eternal life that keeps us mesmerized by these creatures ... the thought staying eternally beautiful through the decades. Humans are greedy - we want to keep experiencing life as the most perfect person we can be, but without the hassle of aging or consequences of our past actions, whether good or bad.

But not all vampires are beautiful - let's not forget the 1920's Murnau film, Nosferatu! There is no beauty in that creature, inside or out. As a little girl, I remember my grandfather telling me stories about the 'aswang' - the vampire monster of the Philippines. Aswang are always female. During the day they take they are pretty women with long hair, but at night, they separate from their lower bodies, sprout leathery wings, and fly through the air looking for prey. They're favourite food is the liver of a pregnant woman, and they feed using their thin, long, snake-like tongues. Truly terrifying, and nothing at all like the romantic vampires we're familiar with today!

Whether your vampires tend to be of the Twilight variety, or maybe even Angel or Dracula, just be careful when walking the streets at night ...

MIDNIGHT KISS vampire-inspired perfume at SaraWen.

 New perfume - MIDNIGHT KISS!

 (Until the end of March. Customers with coupon codes may combine with this offer!)

Thanks for reading! :)


19 February, 2011

Steampunk and Victorian - inspired perfume oils

I've always loved the Victorian Age, but heard the term "Steampunk" only about four years ago after watching an anime (Japanese animation) film called Steamboy. What a concept! Since then I suppose I've become a Steampunk-ee (yes I made up that term as I've no idea what the correct one is ;p). It was an easy transition to turn one of my many interests into a creative endeavor.

Hence, my line of Steampunk/Victorian perfumes!  

From my new line, I think my favourite would have be L'agent Femme! And not just because it is inspired by one of my favourite characters in television, Lady Rebecca Fogg, a plucky female British Secret Agent in the mid 1800's. I'm really pleased with its creation - the right mixture of floral notes mixed with grounding, incense-y dragon's blood and a touch of bay rum and orange. I wanted a scent that evoked strength AND beauty - not too floral or soft, but not too heavy or rich either!

Thanks for reading and see you again. Have a great weekend!