20 December, 2011

SHOES from the 1920's

Greetings once again, my fair Ladies and Gents,

This weekend, I had the pleasure of attending the Bata Shoe Museum's exhibition on the Roaring 20's. If you love learning about the history of fashion, or have a great fondness for flapper era, then you will certainly love this exhibit! I hope you enjoy these pics from the museum.

It's a large mural of 17th century print of shoemakers on the third floor. Somehow, it's fascinating to me. lol

Ladies boots from 1910-1920. Note the practical yet stylish design. This was at a time when women start working in offices and hold jobs. They no longer had to marry to support themselves. I adore the black pair - the heel is not too high and could be worn every day. That style could definitely be worn even in modern times!

This pair is probably my favourite out of the whole exhibition. The gold detailing just makes it gorgeous! I could imagine a flapper wearing this for a night on the town, dancing and living it up!

Check out this wooden steamer trunk made by Louis Vuitton - this was used by ladies of leisure for travel. Could you imagine bringing all those shoes with you on holiday? It makes me wonder how  the clothing trunk would be set up ... oh my!

Lastly, a pic of a wonderful quote by Vogue magazine. How true! One day I'd love to cross the Atlantic on an ocean liner - not a cruise ship, mind you, an ocean liner. Yes, there is a difference. Until then, all I can do is dream.

And before I sign off, a quick plug for my shop: Sarawen.bigcartel.com

Be on the lookout for Valentine's Day themed perfumes in January!

~Sara xoxo

24 September, 2011

400 Facebook Friends & Halloween Giveaway

Greetings Ladies and Gents,

If you're like me and ecstatic that fall is finally in the air (yay Halloween!), then you will enjoy this post! But first, my apologies for the delay in writing another blogpost. If you follow me on Facebook, you will know that I've had a busy time of it in the last three months. But as I promised in the last post, this will be something FUN.  

Since we now have 400+ friends on Facebook, it's time to host a giveaway! I know you want to see the goodies first, so here they are:

 1) 2oz size of new VAMPIRE PRINCESS Sugar Scrub.
 2) All THREE samples of the new Harry Potter-inspired perfumes.

3) Full size 4ml perfume of your choice.

 I hope that whetted your whistle!

Now for the important part ...

How to Enter

1. Please 'Like' the Sarawen Perfume Art FB page if you haven't done so yet. I will be checking!

2. Please click the button on the right-hand side of the blog that says "Follow" if you haven't done so yet.

3. If you are on Etsy, please "Favorite" my shop. www.sarawen.etsy.com

4. Tell you friends, tweet, facebook, email, *enter social network here ;)* about Sarawen Perfume and the giveaway.

5. In the comments below, tell me about one of your most memorable Halloween moment! It doesn't have to be long-winded. A few sentences or a small paragraph will do. If you don't have a memorable Halloween moment, then simply write about what you plan to do this year to celebrate, or what costume you plan to wear. Have fun with it!

6. On Wednesday, October 12th, there will be a random draw from the entries.


I'm really looking forward to reading everyone's entries. When the contest is over, I will post my memorable Halloween moment, too!

Good luck! You have two-and-a-half weeks to enter.

~Sara Xo

19 June, 2011

Canada Post Strike

Greetings friends,

As many of you know, the Canada Post strike is still in full swing. I want to thank everyone who has placed a order and are still waiting. All orders will be on hold for now until the strike is over, which I'm hoping will be sometime by the end of the week, June 24. 

I know I mentioned an alternate mailing service if it continues for over a week, but all the options I've found were very costly: $18 (that was the cheapest) - $28 to ship internationally for a padded envelope! It's not a cost I would want my customers to pay and, as a new small business, one that I cannot afford either.

Latest news is that the Union and Canada Post have been unable to negotiate and agreement, and if one is not struck by Monday, then the govt. will be intervening in the form of a back-to-work legislation bill. If it goes through (with no oppositions), then service could resume this week. I had hoped that they would find an agreement by now, but it's looking more like the govt. is going to step in.

Again, thanks so much for your patience! I'll blog about something more fun next time. :)


P.S. I almost forgot about Culture Picks!!

BOOK: Dust and Shadow by Lyndsay Faye - For fans of Sherlock Holmes and those fascinated by the Ripper case, a novel to entertain you on a late night! Faye does a superb job of portraying not only the character of Holmes, but the world of gaslight London as well. Pick it up, you won't regret. And if you do, you can taunt me on Twitter.

FILM: Sherlock - Ok, it's not a film, but a BBC television series. Seems to be all about Sherlock Holmes today! A modern-day version of Sherlock Holmes, which stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman (as Watson). At first thought you wouldn't think a Victorian character could surface as a modern mystery/thriller tale, but here it definitely works! I especially love the interplay and relationship between the two main characters. Watch it, you won't regret. And if you do, you can taunt me on Facebook.

MUSIC: Ack, I haven't much time today, so I'll just say anything by 30 Seconds to Mars (I'm sure all of my Facebook followers are sick of them by now).

Class dismissed!

30 May, 2011

Kansai Japanese Animal Refuge

This morning, I was honoured and surprised to receive a thank you email from ARK Animal Refuge in Japan. I've never received a personal thank you from a charitable organisation before. In addition to Doctors Without Borders, I had donated some money from my Etsy sales to the refuge a few days after the tsunami/earthquake struck.

Here is an excerpt from their letter:

To all at Sarawen Perfume Art,

I am so sorry to be late in writing to say THANK YOU for your wonderful donation. This is just to let you know the current situation and what your donation is being used for. We are sending out daily updates so our supporters can follow our continued efforts.

We experienced the Kobe earthquake in 1995 and in that one year took in 600 animals. That experience has helped us this time although the scale of the disaster is enormous, compounded by the tsunami and the threat of radiation from the crippled nuclear plant. Kobe is only two hours drive from here but Tohoku is in the north of Japan, a day's drive away, this hindered too by lack of petrol. We have had two boys from our staff up there rescuing, visiting local government offices for radiation screening, and then meeting up with volunteers from our Tokyo office. The animals are then taken to Tokyo Haneda airport and flown to Osaka Itami, where we pick them up. As of 29th April, 110 dogs, 15 cats and a masked love bird have come in here. Once at Osaka ARK, they are processed fairly quickly by our resident vet; de-wormed, vaccinated, blood tested for heart worm, microchipped and neutered. We send details of the animals with photos back to the local authorities to try to find owners. Already several have found their owners and those will be boarded are ARK until they are in a place where they can take their pets back.

Find below our latest update. We will keep you up to date as the situation progresses.

Elizabeth Oliver ARK
Animal Refuge Kansai - ARK
Web Site: http://arkbark.net


Recently, the Japanese government has allowed -some- owners to return home to search for their pets, but sadly, after so many weeks without food or water, the chances for many of these animals is slim. Personally, it's heartbreaking for me because I love animals and understand how important they are in peoples' lives - they aren't just pets, they are family! If a disaster happened in my area, I'd want to protect my dog and cat. I'd be devastated if I wasn't allowed to bring them to safety. In fact I would likely defy the govt. and either sneak them in or find some way to return to them (then again, I'm a bit if a rebel!). If you feel the same, please sign this petition by Change.org to help:
Help Quake Animals Petition. 

To learn more about ARK or to donate: http://drupal.animalrefugekansai.org/
You can also follow ARK at Twitter: @animalrefugeJPN  :)

On the lighter side of things, here are my culture picks for this week:

FILM: Priest - Playing in theatres now and stars British actor Paul Bettany. The story is based on a manga (Japanese comic) and takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where devastating wars had been fought against vampires and everything is run by a strict religious order. A warrior priest, believing that vampires have kidnapped his niece, rebels against the order and leaves the safety of the city to rescue her. Lots of Steampunk and Industrial style elements, great action, and hey, there's Paul Bettany kicking major vampire butt. If you're tired of Twilight-style vampires, this film is for you.

BOOK: Up at the Villa by W. Somerset Maugham - In post WW2 Italy, a beautiful young English widower must choose between two very different suitors. But the surprising choice she makes one evening may be fatal.

MUSIC: A Beautiful Lie by 30 Seconds To Mars - Without a doubt one of my favourite bands of all time, even if I only discovered them last year! This particular album is an incredible emotional journey from the first track to the last, and in my opinion, is a vast improvement from their first. You can really tell how much the band has matured in terms of style from Jared Leto's songwriting and more varied vocals. Epic. I also love their commitment to environmental and humanitarian causes.

That's all today! Thank you and have a great week!
♥ Sara

27 May, 2011

Free Perfume SALE!

This long weekend from today, May 27 to Monday Midnight EST May 30, I have a huge sale only in the Etsy shop!!
- 5% off with coupon code: WICKEDSCENTS
- FREE gift with purchase of $10 before shipping.
- FREE 4ml perfume of your choice with purchase of $25 or more before shipping, + free gift.
The free perfume bottle stacks, so if you purchase $50 before shipping, you can choose TWO bottles of free perfume! Total win! Just add your perfume choice(s) in the Notes to Seller area when you at checkout.
I know I haven't been writing as much, but that's because I've been filling orders and creating the rest of the summer fragrances. Here's two of the latest: HUNTER and BLACK APPLE! Hunter is my personal favourite of the new scents. It's a Gothic (I was imagining werewolves in love when I created this one) unisex fragrance with an undertone of leather, myrrh, and rosewoods. It does smell differently on men and women due to body chemistry, that just makes it more awesome! Black Apple is a definite apple fragrance with a darker base - think of Snow White, fairytale forests, and poisoned apples.

Other than that, and completely non-business, non-perfume related, here are my picks for books, film, and television this week. If you're still reading this, you may as well finish the page. ;)
FILM: Donnie Darko - a dark, sci-fi and psychological film about a teenager (Jake Gyllenhaal) who believes a scary-looking rabbit is telling him about the end of the world. It's definitely dark and rather trippy. I saw it when it first came out about ten years ago and had the pleasure of seeing again thanks to Netflix (whoo!).
Books and television coming up soon! Unfortunately, I must dash. Late to tea and all! 
Until next time, sleep tight, and don't let the vampires bite (unless you want them too). ♥ Sara

28 April, 2011

SALE until Friday!!!

From now until the end of the day Friday, 15% off both Facebook and Etsy shops!! At Etsy, use Coupon Code: ROYAL2011 at checkout. For the Facebook shop: , it will discount automatically in your cart upon checkout!

I'll sign off with some pics of Toronto vampire Henry Fitzroy from the television series 'Blood Ties'. Have a great night!! ~Sara

23 April, 2011

Giveaway WINNER!

Our giveaway winner is ... *drumroll* ... Elise Bonza Geither!

Congratulations Elise! Email me your snail mail address at Sarawenart@gmail.com so I can send out your goodies! ;)


13 April, 2011

Giveaway and new Gift Sets!

Greetings Ladies and Gents,

To celebrate reaching over 200 fans on Facebook (yay), I'll be giving away a full size 4ml bottle of the Sarawen perfume of your choice! And hey, I might throw in other goodies too. ;-)

How to Enter:

1. Like my Page on Facebook: www.facebook.com/sarawenperfumeart 

2. Post a comment on the FB wall about Sarawen perfumes, such as which is your favourite scent and why? Which ones have you tried? Have you received any compliments when wearing the perfume? Any particular scent combinations you would like to see in the future? Etc. etc. You don't need to answer all the questions - one or two short sentences is good, I'm just giving examples!

Even if you've never tried my perfumes, you are welcome to enter - post which scent sounds interesting to you, which ones you would like to try, etc.!
3. On Saturday April 23, I will tally the names of everyone that have posted, and will randomly select a name (only one entry per person!). The winner will be announced on the same day.

That's it! So go on, post something on my Wall!  ... *crosses fingers in hopes it will be a nice comment, and nothing related to author's late-night debaucheries ... * 

To continue on with my shameless self-promotion, there are some nifty new Gift Sets at the shop!

The sets are perfect as samplers as well if you're new to my perfume and not sure which one to try first!

For now, good night (don't let the vampires bite), and remember to get Facebook-ing soon!

♥ Sara

16 March, 2011

Receipt from Doctors Without Borders

Here is the first receipt to Doctors Without Borders. Thank you for the donations!

Contributors list:

Pullman, WA, USA
Seattle, WA, USA
Clemmons, NC, USA
Chico, CA, USA
New Westminster, BC, Canada

There are about three sets left: JAPAN RELIEF Set

Again, thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart.  ~Sara

12 March, 2011

Japan Earthquake Tsunami Relief

I've created a perfume set whereby all proceeds, minus shipping, will go to Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders). The set is $10 and features two of my popular scents: Elf Princess and Midnight Kiss. They are both in cute 2ml (1/2 dram) bottles and the set will even be gift-wrapped. You can purchase the set in my Etsy shop: 

If you've wanted to try perfume oils, now is a good time - your money will go to a worthy cause in the wake of this devastation, and you'll be getting some fabulous perfumes too. When all the bottles have been sold, I will tally the results here on my blog. I will list the individual amounts and the countries of where the donations came from (if you'd like to add your name too, just let me know), and post a copy of the Paypal receipt.

Other ways to help:
Red Cross Canada
Red Cross US
Doctors Without Borders

If you're looking to locate someone or have information about an individual involved in the quake: 

Thanks for considering to help,


10 March, 2011

Victorian Labels and NEW scents!

I am re-working some of the perfume labels at Sarawen to incorporate a more Victorian feel. Having researched some vintage Victorian advertisements, I've come up with a basic design. I hope you enjoy the new packaging!

Also, there are two new fragrances at Sarawen: THORNFIELD - a spring limited-edition scent inspired by Jane Eyre, and VAMPIRE VAMP - a sexy tropical vanilla scent.

Thornfield 4ml Perfume

Vanilla Vamp 4ml Perfume
Not sure about purchasing a full-size bottle? Get samples first! They're a great way to try out new scents: Sarawen Perfume Samples.

Have a wonderful week!  ~Sara

02 March, 2011

Perfume, perfume everywhere!

Unsure of which perfume to buy? Opt for sample sizes!

Perfume List as of 10.28.2011
* indicates men's or unisex fragrance

*ARCANE: Mysterious labdanum and cloves tendered with a touch of warming vanilla. Starts off with a fresh herbal note, then gradually relaxes into mild sweetness. This unique blend is inspired by Anders, the handsome rogue mage from the RPG game, Dragon Age 2! This fragrance is a unisex blend that borders towards masculine.

ATHENA: Ripened figs and pomegranates blended with cedarwood and darkened incense. Bold, feminine, and intoxicating!

ABSINTHE NOIR: Dance with the Green Fairy without the consequences! Pure anise blended in notes of ripe blood orange and honey, then darkened with deep amber and dragon's blood. A perfect balance of absinthe that's not too heavy or sweet!

ABSINTHE SOLEIL: Similar to Absinthe Noir, but lighter and fresher. Pure anise lightened with notes of lemons and neroli, then whipped with a touch of honey and sugared vanilla. Go on, dance with the Green Fairy!

AKKASHA: Crushed white jasmine flowers and blood-red roses strewn around her tomb, the faint scent of her musk blanketing and alluring all who look upon her. A sultry floral blend, this scent is inspired by the Vampire Queen of Legend!

AMBROSIA: Sweet chocolate drizzled with honey and topped with a hint of vanilla cream! In Greek mythology ambrosia was a honey-flavoured food of the gods that kept them immortal, and was also used used as a perfume for anointing. This scent is truly a feast for the gods! A scrumptious blend of tasty treats over a base of amber with a touch of patchouli. Delight!

ARTEMIS: Succulent grapes mashed with ripe pomegranates and oranges at her forest altar, mingled with the freshness of the woodland. A bright, fresh, fruity-herbal scent fit for the Goddess of the Hunt!

*BEER N' BUTTER: A delicious and foamy elixir! Creamy butterscotch, dreamy vanilla, and a dash of pumpkin layered with a drop of coffee as you sit relaxing by the pub's roaring fire. Beer n' Butter is inspired by Harry Potter and is a unisex gourmand fragrance that borders towards feminine. Yum!

BLACK APPLE: Sweet, red, ripe apples corrupted with poisoned honey and labdanum. A base of dark incense and roses completes the fragrance. Starts off fruity and innocent, then the darkness emerges.

CAKE OR DEATH: When you -must- have your cake or die! Decadent buttercream frosting and vanilla cake with a touch of spice over a darkened amber base. Delicious but wicked. Beware!

*DEATH'S DAY FEAST: Hallowe'en is in the air, and it's time to celebrate! The scent of comforting warm pumpkin, delectable caramel apples, chocolates, and spicy incense fills the Great Hall. Just watch out for Nearly Headless Nick! Death's Day Feast is inspired by Harry Potter and is a unisex gourmand fragrance that borders towards feminine. Yum!

ELF PRINCESS: She dances merrily through a meadow of lavender and wild roses, her long dark hair smelling faintly of sandalwood as the wind brushes through her fair form. A pretty soft floral scent fit for a princess! This scent was inspired by the beautiful elf character Luthien, from J.R.R Tolkien's Silmarillion.

ELF QUEEN: A powerful but sweet fragrance blend with notes of vanilla cream, honey, jasmine, and patchouli. Inspired by the character Galadriel, Lady of Light, Queen of the Golden Wood!

*ELVEN PRINCE: An uplifting and joyful lemon-herb fragrance! This scent is inspired by the character Legolas from Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. Created for gentlemen, but prince-adoring ladies can also wear!

EMPRESS: A throne room, fragrant with the scent of blood-red roses strewn on the marble floors and the aroma of musk and spices. A dark, spicy blend of roses with hints of musk and amber.

*FUGITIVE: Exotic amber with incense and dragon's blood topped with sensuous ylang-ylang. A broody, musky oriental perfume with hints of floral. This sexy blend is inspired by Fenris, the runaway elf warrior from the RPG game, Dragon Age 2! This fragrance is a unisex blend, good for men or ladies!

GEORGINA: Spend a lovely summer afternoon with a pot of fresh-brewed mint tea, a bowl of ripe peaches, and a plate of delicious dainty cake! A scent that is fruity, sweet, and refreshing, with just a hint of underlying gloom beneath the sunny sky. A limited edition fragrance available only throughout summer!

*HUNTER: Who is the hunter and who is the hunted? Musk-laced leather coupled with dark myrrh and rosewoods. A hint of romantic rose and neroli tops off this sensual and decadent unisex fragrance! Ideal for either amorous lady or passionate gent.

ISIS: Her temple blossoms with the offering of honey and almonds on the altar, as the musky scent of rich incense swirls around the room. A sweet, rich, alluring scent dripping with honey and amber. This perfume is inspired by the ancient Eyptian goddess Isis, who was worshiped by Cleopatra VII, last Queen and Pharaoh of Egypt.

LADY NIGHTINGALE: Fragrant white flowers of ginger blossom, jasmine, and gardenia over a sensuous base of light musk. Topped off with a single note of sweet vanilla. Delicate and innocent, yet charmingly sexy. This scent is an ultra-feminine floral musk inspired by Lelianna.

LADY ROMA: The fragrance of a dusky evening in ancient times of Rome. The air is filled with the scent of pomegranate trees and ripe fruit, while sandalwood burns brightly in a brazier by the atrium. A feminine fruity scent with a hint of depravity hidden within!

*LOGICAL DEDUCTION: Sophisticated notes of bay rum, Earl Grey tea, and tobacco, with a hint of leather and dark chocolate. This is a unisex fragrance inspired by Sherlock Holmes, and is reminiscent of a gentleman's Victorian parlour.

*LIONHEART: The king lounges in his scented tent contemplating the next battle. He breathes in the heady fragrance of sandalwood incense and eastern spices as he reaches for a honeyed date on the silver platter beside him. A spicy, charming mixture of sandalwood, honey, and a hint of musk. This scent is inspired by King Richard of England, who was called the 'Lionheart'. Created for gentlemen, but a lion-hearted lady could easily wear it!

MARI: The splendour of summer tea-time in the afternoon shade - the scent of sugared tea, tropical jasmine, and a hint of grassy bergamot! A sophisticated, clean, floral fragrance.

MIDNIGHT KISS: A forbidden kiss at midnight tasting of honeyed red ripe fruits while the air is scented with hints of roses and musk. An alluring, feminine, yet bold fragrance with red fruits, roses, and dragon's blood. A word of warning: you may be devoured by handsome vampires when wearing this perfume!

MINA: The freshest blooming rose, cut down and corrupted with the taste of sinful depravity and wickedness. A seductive scent flushed with decayed roses, notes of myrrh, musk, dragon's blood, and dark temptations! Be on your guard when wearing this scent, lest you be spirited away by a handsome demon.

PIXIE DUST: What would pixie dust smell like? I would say oodles of vanilla butter-cream and cake, honey, and orange drops! Now think of happy things and away we go!

*POTION MASTER: A mysterious unisex fragrance brewed from the dungeons! Black tea, labdanum, frankincense, and ylang ylang, with just a hint of tobacco and vanilla. Potion Master is inspired by Harry Potter (or specifically Professor Snape!) and borders towards towards masculine.

QUEEN OF THE SEAS: The scent of fresh open seas mingled with fragrant violets and lively geranium. This fragrance is a feminine floral-aquatic blend inspired by Isabella, the feisty and sexy pirate captain from the RPG game, Dragon Age 2!

RAVISH: A delicious blend of summer raspberries and decadent chocolate over incense and amber. Sultry, sweet, and indulgent! Beware, an innocent little nibble could quickly turn into love bites!

*THE ROSE KNIGHT: A gift given in friendship and love - the beauty of a single beautiful red rose. Notes of musky leather, exotic cassia and frankincense evens out the rose fragrance, then a touch of bergamot and apple lightens the entire scent. This scent is a deep and complex rose-based perfume that can be worn by either gentlemen or ladies, and is inspired by the character of Alistair. It borders towards masculine.

SHAPESHIFT : Fresh cypress leaves, cedarwoods, and labdanum, topped with wild honey and blood orange. A scent only a wilderness witch would dare to wear. Inspired by Morrigan, this fragrance is a wild mix of forest herbals and florals. Created for ladies, but there are enough woodsy notes for the witch-adoring gentleman to wear this scent with ease!

*TEA WITH WATSON: Take a break from adventuring and stop at 221 Baker Street for awhile. White tea, delicious yellow cake, and a dash of cream caramel layered over light tobacco and bay rum. It smells just like a tea party at Holmes and Watson's flat! This is a balanced unisex fragrance inspired by the world of Sherlock Holmes.

VAMPIRE PRINCESS: Withered snow-white jasmine and ylang-ylang flowers layered over rich honey, a whiff of musk and darkness creeping beneath. A hypnotic and sweet floral scent perfect for a fanged princess!

VANILLA VAMP: Rich, sensual, musk-laced vanilla topped with tropical fruits and almonds over darkened myrrh. Hard to resist but oh so good!

VICTORIA ROSE: The scent of a dozen perfect roses - perfect, delicate, and lovely, then mingled with a touch of sweet pink wine. Very feminine and fragrant!

VIOLETTE: A sun-filled day, heady with the fragrance of ripe grapes and blooming lilacs, and a hint of lilies.A lovely fruity-floral perfume inspired by the south of France!

*YULETIDE AT BAKER ST: Sugared peppermints, delicious butterscotch candy, and almonds with dried fruits decorated around the tree. The scent of light tobacco lingers in the background. Spend your holiday with Holmes and Watson! This is a balanced unisex fragrance inspired by the world of Sherlock Holmes, and is perfect for the merry-making lady or gent! Available only through Winter 2011-2012

28 February, 2011

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday! Did anyone watch the Oscars? I was rooting for Colin Firth to win and he DID! I'm so pleased! It's fantastic that 'The King's Speech' won as well, although I did love 'Inception' (rotating room fight, wicked!).

Some great news - Tess from Victorian Living kindly interviewed me for her blog! 

... I know, like you need to waste more time on the inter-webs! But hey, take a break from that stack of paperwork on your desk and read it. Just remember to hide the tab when the boss comes 'round. :p

More fantastic news, I have several new scents on the way. One will be Sherlock Holmes-inspired, the next is 'Mina', (yes it is a vampire-inspired one), and a few more but those will be kept secret for now! It's good to be a little mysterious. *sly grin*

I'm still waiting on my suppliers to send me bottles and other necessary things, so it will be a few weeks before my new stuff is ready. Another tidbit ... solid perfume sticks! Stay tuned!

Wishing you a glorious, hopefully stress-free Monday, ~Sara

25 February, 2011

Cake... or DEATH!

I have a new perfume at Etsy. I present ... CAKE OR DEATH! Have your cake, go on. Don't say I didn't warn you though!
Cake or Death 4ml $9.00
 Cake or Death at Sarawen's Etsy shop.

And YES, the sale for all 1.5ml size perfumes is still on! Get'em while they're hot.

Have a smashing weekend! 


23 February, 2011

Perfume and Vampires

Vampires seem to be pretty hot lately. I suppose one could say it's due to the Twilight and Vampire Diaries craze (not into either but have friends who do), but the beginning of our fascination extends to the Victorian age, and according to legends from all over the world that have been passed down for generations, even further than that!

In the 1990's I first read Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice. Fascinating, not to mention well-written! The same fascination was true for the Mummy, Ramses the Damned (I don't think she has written the sequel yet, unless someone knows otherwise).

Perhaps its the concept of eternal life that keeps us mesmerized by these creatures ... the thought staying eternally beautiful through the decades. Humans are greedy - we want to keep experiencing life as the most perfect person we can be, but without the hassle of aging or consequences of our past actions, whether good or bad.

But not all vampires are beautiful - let's not forget the 1920's Murnau film, Nosferatu! There is no beauty in that creature, inside or out. As a little girl, I remember my grandfather telling me stories about the 'aswang' - the vampire monster of the Philippines. Aswang are always female. During the day they take they are pretty women with long hair, but at night, they separate from their lower bodies, sprout leathery wings, and fly through the air looking for prey. They're favourite food is the liver of a pregnant woman, and they feed using their thin, long, snake-like tongues. Truly terrifying, and nothing at all like the romantic vampires we're familiar with today!

Whether your vampires tend to be of the Twilight variety, or maybe even Angel or Dracula, just be careful when walking the streets at night ...

MIDNIGHT KISS vampire-inspired perfume at SaraWen.

 New perfume - MIDNIGHT KISS!

 (Until the end of March. Customers with coupon codes may combine with this offer!)

Thanks for reading! :)


19 February, 2011

Steampunk and Victorian - inspired perfume oils

I've always loved the Victorian Age, but heard the term "Steampunk" only about four years ago after watching an anime (Japanese animation) film called Steamboy. What a concept! Since then I suppose I've become a Steampunk-ee (yes I made up that term as I've no idea what the correct one is ;p). It was an easy transition to turn one of my many interests into a creative endeavor.

Hence, my line of Steampunk/Victorian perfumes!  

From my new line, I think my favourite would have be L'agent Femme! And not just because it is inspired by one of my favourite characters in television, Lady Rebecca Fogg, a plucky female British Secret Agent in the mid 1800's. I'm really pleased with its creation - the right mixture of floral notes mixed with grounding, incense-y dragon's blood and a touch of bay rum and orange. I wanted a scent that evoked strength AND beauty - not too floral or soft, but not too heavy or rich either!

Thanks for reading and see you again. Have a great weekend!